Why the Papillon is the right dog for you

It is impossible not to love it: with its tiny muzzle topped with big butterfly-winged ears,  a soft coat of long and fine hair usually white with colourful patches and its cute curly tail, the Papillon is one of the most loved dogs by escorts from 6annonce. Thanks to its gentle but energetic behaviour and its small size, it will be the perfect apartment dog to keep you company.

Also known as Toy Spaniel, the Papillon will be the perfect pet choice for you

As you can explain to your escort Paris, this breed is also known as Continental Toy Spaniel. The name Papillon comes from French, meaning “butterfly”, for its characteristic large ears and, by contrast, those who have dropped ears are called Phalène, which means “moth”. It’s an ancient breed, already known in the 16th century, and it has always been associated with nobility, being the pet of many famous royals, such as Marie Antoinette of France, and Queen Sophie Dorothea of Prussia, portrayed with her pup in 1737.

Given its small size, it’s considered one of the best breeds to choose if you don’t have much room at home for a bigger pet, but the Papillon is no lap dog. It has a happy and people-oriented temperament, and it will become part of the family: it won’t be shy, always giving kisses and asking for cuddles when you are with your friends and your escorts.

It will become very attached to its owner and its territory, which will make it a perfect watchdog, too. This also means that Papillons are not suited to being alone for too long. They always want to be at their owners’ side, so if you are planning a holiday with your escort Paris you found on https://www.6annonce.com/  for more than a few days, you should think about taking your Papillon with you.

Toy Spaniels are not suited to living outdoors, but they are very energetic and they will require appropriate exercise: daily walks and runs with your dog are highly recommended to keep up with its level of energy. Thirty minutes of exercise a day will be enough to keep your dog in good shape, and you’ll have the chance to stay fit for your beautiful escort Paris, too.

Thanks to its small size and its obedience, the Papillon is the perfect apartment dog

Papillons are also very intelligent and easily trainable: using food rewards and praises, you can teach your dog any trick you can think of to impress your escorts at your next party. It will be very easy to teach them a daily routine, but make sure you start train them at an early age or they will get easily spoiled.

Keep in mind that their lifespan ranges from 12 to 16 years, so a Papillon will be your trusted companion for a very long-time: make sure it exercises properly and to not overfeed it to give your dog a long and healthy life. It will keep you company, guard your home, impress your escort Paris with elegant tricks: long story short, it will be the perfect dog for you.